October 1st, 2015

A Revolution Is in Progress: Sorry for the Inconvenience

We are in the midst of a dramatic marketing shift. Even digital marketers don’t consider themselves highly proficient in digital (more than 50 percent state that). Our world is multi-device, multi-channel, multi-complicated, and everything is accelerating. While there are numerous efforts to keep up with these changes, marketers quite often minimize the importance of creativity [...]

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September 28th, 2015

Balancing Purpose and Profit in Today’s Marketplace

In today’s world, companies are increasingly held to a higher standard. Businesses are expected to not only provide reliable, affordable products and services but also a sustainable solution for their associates, their operations and their communities. In many cases, such expectations become an integration of a larger purpose. The companies that do both of these [...]

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September 23rd, 2015

Know This Now: 6 Emerging B2B Marketing Trends in 2015

Have you heard? Leonard Nimoy died, Princess Charlotte was born, Beck won Album of the Year, Apple Watch launched, CVS bought Target’s pharmacy business, Gap said it will close 175 stores, Fitbit rocked its IPO, Greece defaulted, Apple Watch falters — and that was just the first two quarters. Of course, that’s not all — [...]

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September 16th, 2015

7 Proven Ways to Drive Content Engagement

“Content is where I expect the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting,” said Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates in his 1996 essay titled “Content Is King.” This has been a mantra for marketers for almost 20 years, but times have changed. Today there is no shortage of content. [...]

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