October 28th, 2014

Customer Engagement: Where Are the Data-Driven Insights?

As marketing channels continue to rapidly evolve, so too has the role of the chief marketing officer. So what does the future-centric CMO look like? According to a new SAP white paper titled “The DNA of a Growth CMO,” the key growth drivers of this future movement are customer engagement and data-driven insights. Never before [...]

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October 27th, 2014

B-to-B: The Case for Hispanic Targeted Marketing

As National Hispanic Heritage Month wraps up, over the past few weeks (and arguably years), both English and Spanish media have bombarded viewers, readers and listeners with bilingual marketing efforts. These efforts are not falling on deaf ears, and Latino consumers are listening. However, the question now is Where is business-to-business in the Hispanic marketing effort? The [...]

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October 23rd, 2014

The Road to B2B Success: Jump Start Your Omnichannel Capabilities

Seamless Experiences In a Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services report titled “Six Essentials for a Strong Customer Experience,” it states, “No matter how customers choose to transact or engage with a business, they now expect and deserve to get the same answers, information and treatment wherever they go.” This finding holds true for business-to-consumer as well [...]

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October 22nd, 2014

Getting Emotional About B2B

Where do I start? I guess at the beginning, which for me was over 20 years ago … As I left for work on my first day, my father – who was/is a preeminent professor in (you guessed it) B2B – imparted to me two pieces of advice: The first was “don’t fiddle your expenses.” [...]

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