Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

8 Things Marketers Should Do Right Now on Google+

Google+ is a playground for creativity, both socially and commercially. This was one of the biggest themes that Google’s Director of Global Marketing for Social and Mobile Advertising Rikard Steiber conveyed during his Social Media Week keynote at our offices in February. Much of the conversation revolved around how businesses should be using Google+. By my count, there were eight best practices that businesses can implement right now.

Take a look and try them out:
1. Make your Google+ identity part of your online properties and campaigns. Now that it influences search results, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

2. Put your +1 button everywhere. It not only enables quick engagement that’s visible through your customers’ social graphs, but it also gives you measurement capability. Perhaps most important, it allows you to “store” user engagement around an event or campaign long after the event itself has ended.

3. Leverage Google Hangouts. Take a look at, a company whose entire business model is to use Google Hangouts to sell cooking classes online. A professional chef teaches the classes, and students can even choose the cuisine they want to learn about. It’s a clever idea that leverages Google’s massive infrastructure investment to deliver a great service to a potentially global market at very low cost.

4. Keep your pages fresh with quality content instead of quantity.

5. Social media is social only if people engage. Ask for interactions.

6. Use lots of rich media. Google+ is a good environment for that.

7. Don’t think of social and mobile as a medium, but as a bridge between offline and online. A customer is looking at your billboard. What happens when the customer points his mobile phone at it? When someone sees your product online, that person will want to know what her friends think of it. Are you enabling that feature?

8. Overall, get mobile. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Half of the United States has a smartphone, but 80 percent of businesses don’t have a mobile presence. A custom website or landing page is great, but even something as simple as a listing in Google Maps, or the ability to click a phone number to call you, can be useful and welcome.

For many more insights from the keynote, you can see the full webcast here.

Originally published at Ignite Something on the Forbes CMO Network

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