Thursday, July 26th, 2012

A B2B agency should head into new direction as texting overtakes talking

Any marketing campaign a b2b agency creates will achieve higher engagement levels if it’s humanly relevant to people and their changing ways of life. The fact is, before most of us realise how much we’ve gotten used to having mobile phones at our fingertips whenever we desire, a significant shift in our communication behaviour has already taken place. If we simply take a moment in public to notice how many people seem to be busily interacting with their phones while not interacting with someone around, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to see that 69% of mobile phone users now never leave home without their trusty mobile companion, as shown from a recent Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report.

With a similar perspective, research from Ofcom shows that 58% of people in the UK communicate via texts daily in 2011, while only 47% opt to make a phone call. Overall time spent on the phone falls by 5%. It is likely that our shift away from talking over the phone to texting, or to other forms of instant messaging, is an indication that we want stuff done instantly, we want to focus on multiple things all at once, and we want cheaper and quicker ways of communication.

Indeed, people’s changing attitude towards calling and texting is well reflected in our @Work State of Mind project, conducted with Forbes, that has found the line between work and personal life is blurring. Just think about our almost habitual behaviours—reaching for our devices first thing when we wake up in the morning, accessing email, rolling down social site updates, checking the weather, traffic, and all sorts of information, you-name-it—and how our day continues in constant contact with internet-connected devices. We literally work whenever those devices are within our grasp and work on our mind.

A point that some b2b marketers might miss out is the rationale behind people’s increased dependence on mobile devices when communicating—we want greater convenience, more flexibility, engagement, and truly, more fun. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the outcome and the process to achieve that in the most efficient and humanly relevant manner. Texting and instant messaging via internet apps help people save time and effort when communicating, and there’re always the multimedia fun only such tools enable which phone calling cannot. With smart apps, ads, and programmes that strive to help make life easier and more informed altogether, there you earn people’s share of mind and share of heart.


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