Monday, July 9th, 2012

Cookie directive is a wake-up call for lazy b2b agencies

It’s been a month now since the EU’s cookie directive came into effect, sending digital agencies everywhere scurrying to bring their own websites up to date, not to mention those created for clients. You’ve probably already noticed a variety of frustrating pop-ups on your favourite websites, asking you about opt-in privacy, which can seem more distracting than helpful.

The impact of the directive for b2b marketers, however, is a lot more significant. In a nutshell, it’s now illegal to track web users without them opting in first. This shift towards permission-based marketing has put the fear into many b2b agencies, particularly those involved in direct campaigns, which now need to quickly change tact to stay on the correct side of the anti-tracker guidelines.

For those agencies that are still relying on targeting a mass database of uninterested consumers with irrelevant marketing campaigns, hopefully this is a wake-up call. In today’s age of more-easily-accessible information and wealth of data, agencies need to be thinking about how they can deliver richer, more personalised content to targeted consumers. Many of the more creative agencies are already doing this to great success, and the cookie directive should be another push in the right direction. The statistics and effectiveness of this are there for all to see.

The war on spam begins with the agencies breaking out of old bad habits, and if this can happen, everybody wins.


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