Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Every B2B Agency Should Turn on the Co-Creative Tap

At gyro we believe that our practice is no longer about targeting a corporate entity but independently minded, highly connected and always emotional human beings. In contemporary marketing we recognise the importance of developing loyalty with each and every customer. Case in point, in the past we conducted a customer survey looking at their thoughts on loyalty to brands, and the majority (nearly 70%) stated that being trustworthy and honest was the most important thing a company could do to win their loyalty.

As every b2b agency will know, the Internet’s innate sharabilility is returning us to a community-focused society that cherishes “we” over “me”. This networked economy affects contemporary marketing hugely. With people more open to building closer connections with brands than ever before, brands must be more human and open to co-creation of the marketing messaging and the product simultaneously with their customers to put the aforementioned honesty into practice. Tapping into the collective experiences, skills and ingenuity of hundreds of millions of people around the world is a complete departure from the inward looking, producer- versus-consumer innovation model so common to corporations around the world. And there are many a b2b agency out there still following in this vein.

Brands need to go beyond loyalty to establish mutually beneficial networks to give customers what they want; otherwise the Internet will allow them to find another route to get what they want. After all, customers are becoming competitors and brands are better off “employing” them by pulling them into their network. Brands are sitting on a bed of emotional human beings eager to be a part of brand creation.

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