Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Every b2b agency to benefit from tapping into mobile communication platforms

Mobile technology is now prevalent across both the consumer and corporate spheres. Just two examples in the UK this week highlight the weight that smartphones, tablets and other such devices are being given in the professional sphere. The UK government is looking to introduce a tablet computer for every single MP in order to save money and paper, while Microsoft has invested a massive £180m into an eReader with the publishers Barnes and Noble.

A keen understanding from every b2b agency into how these devices are used across the business world will pay dividends in audience engagement and client ROI. We have been researching the effect that such mobilisation of technology has had on the business world in our recent @Work State of Mind report, and the findings highlight an appetite to use mobile tech to its fullest among key business decision makers. 84% of those polled felt better prepared to make decisions because of the freedom it gives them to work anywhere and at anytime.

Every creative agency should look to utilise this willingness to blur the line between personal and professional to develop campaigns solely built for mobile and social communication platforms. Not only will this strategy grow engagement in a world increasingly hostile to brand messaging, but it will help push the boundaries in the global b2b industry and establish each b2b agency as a leading force in the sector.

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