Monday, May 21st, 2012

Experiential marketing is no longer just an offline tool for a b2b agency to get to grips with

We all know that experiential marketing connects with consumers and businesses on multiple levels. Shortened attention spans demand that any ad campaign designed by a b2b agency makes a quick impression, or the opportunity to engage passes by.

There are numerous methods for a b2b agency to boost the presence of a brand at an exhibition or trade show but there are some fundamental issues that need to be tip-top. Visually, the stand must indeed ‘stand out’ to make sure it reflects the brand’s overall image. But it’s also now more important than ever that top brands marry offline with the powers of online. Many brands are using social media to help identify top influencers and potential influencers online and then further build relationships via live events and experiences, and also vice versa. A brand and the associated b2b agency must work to better connect event audiences with online communities of clients, prospects and influencers.

There’s no doubt that more and more brands value the importance of event and experiential marketing. It is no longer just an awareness raising tool but key for generating sales. There is a growing need for such event campaigns to be integrated with technology. Just this month gyro put the unique ignition method into practice by revealing the new Hewlett Packard brand to Europe at Drupa 2012, the international trade fair for print media in Düsseldorf. From the concept of the HP stand and adjoining website, to the design of the handouts and even some brand activation at the event, Gyro presented HP to over 35,000 people.

The combined ingredients of online and offline are certainly a potent blend for brands to swallow whole.

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