Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Gyro triumphs as THE B2B agency at BMA B2 Awards – we are a multi award winning creative agency

For any B2B agency, the BMA B2 Awards in the US are a coveted prize. The awards highlight the need for style as well as simple strategy in B2B, a stumbling block for many who see business to business marketing as a purely logic-driven platform. That’s where we feel we stand apart from the crowd.

All in all, 44 awards were won for both gyro in the UK and USA: 33 Awards of Excellence, 9 Best of Category, 2 Group Category, across clients Hewlett Packard, John Deere, Heathrow Express, FedEx, TetraPak, Kimberley-Clark, USG and Hobart.

Our understanding of business decision makers and what makes them tick is paramount to our success. We fill our B2B campaigns with human emotion because in this hyperconnected world we realize that igniting emotions are just as an important part of judgment as logic is.

Our Heathrow Express work, for example which won an award, indicates this very theory. Our campaign targeted business travellers stuck in traffic with real-time travel data from the London Underground, the London road network and Heathrow Express. Personalisation was fed into the ad by linking footage of varying degrees of anxiety to the live travel data to show more anxious and frustrated footage when the roads and London Underground were experiencing delays. Emotion elicitation was fed directly into this campaign.

B2B marketing is no longer about brands endearing themselves to a corporate entity. A business to business agency must influence business decisions by reaching and persuading those who hold the buying power, the individual.

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