Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

London – the @Work city

New research shows that London has some of the longest working hours in the UK. On average, Londoners first look at work emails at 7.17am and don’t stop until at 7.02pm. This means that all professionals, including those working in B2B agencies like us, are becoming constantly switched on, something that regular readers of this blog will know we call the @Work State of Mind. This is slowly changing the idea of work from purely a place to a state of mind, as longer hours create a need for more flexible work patterns.

Many creative agencies have been slow in realising the potential that flexible hours can bring to a work force, such as increased productivity and employee happiness along with lower stress levels. As such, flexi-time has yet to make major in-roads into standard HR thinking. But the Olympics are about to give the established order a big shake up, creating an environment where agencies will test-run flexi-time schemes to allow staff to avoid London when it’s teeming with sport fans. Scott Hendry, Head of UK Planning, discusses in a recent article on The Drum how this has the potential to radically alter the way B2C and B2B agencies operate, and signs off with the phrase on the tip of every Londoner’s tongue: “let’s wait and see.”

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