Tuesday, March 8th, 2011


My name is Carolina Comas and I think I have to quit facebook. Maybe I’ll lose the point of view of 764 friends, but maybe I can get back my own.

I’m still not used to finding myself in the middle of the day looking at pictures of someone’s grandma… someone I don’t know. I don’t understand why I have 764 friends of whom I know 46 and I absolutely can’t understand why I hate enemies I’ve never met.

Maybe it’s me, but I’m disconcerted by people who welcome me every monday morning posting “Today will be a wonderful day. It’s monday!!” Mondays are not wonderful. Are they trying to reaffirm themselves? Why are they trying to make me think they really feel all that optimistic? Moreover, are they so optimistic outside facebook? Do they say this things with their real voice, do they tell anyone – live?

Neither do I get the exhibitionism of showing things we don’t do ourselves. Is it that the division between “people that do” and “people that show” will become ever stronger? Was there a time when we did things for ourselves and not for showing?

And that’s it… I don’t know yet if I like or I dislike. While I think about it I make sure no one is trying to chat with me, I find out one of my friends ate pizza, it seems it’s raining in London, someone thinks love is complicated and fortunately Victor has 14 new friends. Maybe I should suggest him some of my own.

By Carolina Comas, Executive Creative Director of Madrid marketing agency, gyro

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