Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Seeking Work-Life Balance? The Answer Lies Within.

Living a connected life in the digital age is the new sexy among global business decision-makers. Given today’s “always-on”, technology-driven work environment, it is imperative for a b2b agency to capture their real motivations of round-the-clock connectivity. The understanding of not only how business decision-makers engage with the social landscape, but also how they do so for a deeper social purpose, is a must for any b2b agency to reach them in unique and meaningful ways.

However, voices of concern over what effects the over-reliance on technology and the “always-on” culture have on performance and relationships have emerged, interestingly, from the very sources of this increasing power of technology—some of the biggest firms, which have built the internet and social infrastructure as it is now, share their critical reflections on where the capability of technology has led the world.

According to senior-level execs from top brands such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Google and Microsoft, as reported in a recent New York Times article, it’s about creating a new kind of balance—a physical, emotional, and mindful one that is beneficial to people’s effectiveness in both work and home. In an effort to enhance the life qualities of their employees as well as customers, these firms are trying to promote a healthier relationship with digital devices, social networks, and work as a whole. They are regularly asking employees to take a break and a breath, to slow down and disconnect. Somewhat counterweight to their businesses, however, they are also encouraging the mass to take a step back from life online.

gyro’s @Work State of Mind study, conducted in partnership with Forbes, also offers an excellent answer. While work goes home and home goes to work, many people are faced with an expanded experience of working and “home-ing.” Just as Rick Segal, President and Chief Practice Officer of gyro, puts it, this “@Work State of Mind is a shared state of mind”, a condition deeply embedded within social connectivity and communication made possible by technology. Certainly, this makes all people’s minds a “switching station of enthusiasm and endorsement, channelled toward decision-makers and influencers.” The @Work State of Mind reveals the reason for authentic engagement, and by adopting such a state of mind people can better manage and indeed, rebalance, their relationships with technology and with one another.

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