Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

The @Work Reality for today’s business decision-makers

Excerpt from “The @ Work State of Mind Project”—a joint effort of gyro, an award winning b2b agency, and Forbes Insights. Surveying 543 business decision-makers, we found that boundaries of time and space that once defined the workplace no longer exist. To download the complete report go to www.gyro.com/atwork

Email, seemingly less intrusive than a phone call, has turned into an always-open channel of communication. Just 3% of executives said that they never send work related emails while on vacation. Another 12% said they rarely send or receive such emails. Contrast these numbers with the nearly two in three respondents (63%) who send or receive such emails on every, or on most, vacations.

Still, the perceived need to monitor the flow often leads to compulsive behavior. Twelve percent of respondents said they check email on a smartphone during non-work hours at least five times per hour. And 63% said they check at least every one to two hours. Even Europe, with its traditionally greater emphasis on vacations than North America, now accepts downtime interruptions as common practice. Indeed, almost seven in 10 respondents (69%) from Continental Europe said that they sent or received emails during all or most vacations (this may bear some relationship to the length of many European vacations). That’s eight percentage points higher than among U.S. professionals.

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