B2B has
ceased to be

Business-to-business, affectionately known to its friends in the advertising industry as B2B, is dead.


Many are still in denial about this fact, but truly, it's over. We should know; we've been closer to B2B than anyone else.

We grew up together.

23 times in the last 16 years the critics have cited gyro as
the "Top B2B Agency" in both Europe and the US (including twice
in the last 12 months alone).

But we saw the end coming, so it falls to us to announce it to the world.

Death was inevitable when people began to carry their telecommunications and computing power with them. From that point “The Firm” lost its place as the organizing principle of business.

If you really want to influence business decisions, from now on you have to reach and persuade the real seat of power: the individual. Your new customer is not a corporate entity. It’s an independently minded, highly connected, always emotional human being.

And the new arena for business communications is now far bigger than the workplace. This is because work is no longer a place; it's a state of mind. The connectedness of modern life sees no boundaries between work and home; it's all part of the work-life continuum. People can be as leaned forward and as actively engaged in their decisions-making as they need to be - wherever they happen to be. And our task at gyro is to understand this '@Work State of Mind' better than anyone else in the world, so we can best ignite the emotions that cause decision-makers to shout, "Yes!"

We ignite emotions in business minds