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Since its birth in 1917, the Forbes brand has been a beacon for success, capitalism and wealth, conjuring images of affluent East Coast men sitting comfortably atop their fortunes. However, this brand perception has fallen far behind the truth of where the Forbes brand is today and what it has to offer to media buyers and advertisers. It was our job to make this famous brand relevant again.


Demonstrate how Forbes inspires the doers and game-changers of the world. Forbes gives us access to the story behind the drive, the people behind the power, and the purpose beneath the actions that change the world. We want readers to know that Forbes is where the story and debates are being had–where doing gets done.

Ignition Point

It's what you do that matters.


Change the World.

Making It Relevant

gyro needed to shift the perception that Forbes was out of touch. The campaign highlights entrepreneurs and pioneers in the field–people who are doing things right now and making an impact on our lives. At the same time, the campaign reflects our changing attitudes toward capitalism. It is not just about accumulating wealth, but even more so about the positive changes that wealth can engineer. Forbes has a history of recognizing and celebrating trailblazers in business. This new campaign brings such history to the forefront.