Heathrow Express

If you'd taken the Heathrow Express, you'd be there by now.

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Heathrow Express' main challenge is that there's relatively low awareness of the service especially with those commuters - specifically business travellers - choosing a taxi as their main mode of transport from Heathrow Airport into Central London.

Our brief was to create a high-impact piece of outdoor advertising to raise awareness of the service.


Our strategy was to highlight the benefit you get from such a good service. In this case, being relaxed and confident that the Heathrow Express is fast and reliable. It's well documented that commuters become increasingly anxious when they are stationary. We aimed to take advantage of this by choosing an outdoor placement that was both contextual and prone to delays for delivering our message.


If you'd taken the Heathrow Express, you'd be there by now.

Making it Relevant

Our solution was a unique piece of targeted and contextual advertising that dramatised travel anxiety using video linked to live travel data in a compelling way.

The execution featured to-camera film of 3 travellers filmed multiple times to convey varying degrees of travel anxiety.

We then linked this footage to live travel data to show more anxious and frustrated footage when the Roads and London Underground were experiencing delays. With such a fast and reliable service, our Heathrow Express traveler is always relaxed and confident.


Due to the choice of placement, in the 2-week period the Ad was live we estimate well over 8 million commuters saw the ad. We saw an immediate uplift in traffic to the website and downloads of the iPhone app.