Get Back to Scratch

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Solidify awareness of Hobart's status as the preferred food equipment brand among professional bakers and chefs despite Hobart's higher price-point in a sales landscape corded with lower-price, lower-quality competitors.


Harness the passion food professionals and consumers have for scratch baking into a nationwide movement that celebrates, elevates and empowers the ones who literally build their businesses from scratch.


Get Back to Scratch


Awareness of Hobart as the premier supporter of businesses that are on the forefront of the new real-food movement was huge. This was evidenced by over 500,000 page-views on the website, with 32,000 unique visitors per month during the initial contest period. Over 600 business have enrolled in the movement, and more than 100,000 people voted in the contest. 600 high-value Twitter followers have been the key to the word of mouth success of the campaign. In addition it has helped drive leads and tradeshow attendance at Hobart events and provides an ongoing platform for selling Hobart products.