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Healthy Workplace Challenge

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Employees get sick. It's just the reality of the workplace. Unfortunately, some people would rather come to work sick and stay home when they're healthy. No wonder the office is a safe haven for germs. In fact, employee absenteeism can cost the average company of 1,000 workers more than $1.6 million every year. It's a loss that is easy to reduce or eradicate with a few simple hygiene practices.

How do we make office workers care about germs when they can't see them or don't want to think about them?


Reach out to HR managers and COOs directly with an employee engagement program focused on health and productivity. We tapped into employees' natural competitiveness in the workplace. By creating some healthy competition in the office, Kimberly-Clark Professional can help stop the spread of germs while increasing productivity and employee engagement.

We created a robust program that motivates employers and employees to take hygiene into their own soon-to-be clean hands.


The Healthy Workplace 90-Day Challenge

Making It Relevant

The Healthy Workplace 90-Day Challenge divides offices into teams. By completing their daily tasks of wash, wipe and sanitize, teams can earn points — including bragging rights and a chance to win prizes. Of course, the key to victory is using their Kimberly-Clark Professional desk products provided in their desk caddies. We reminded employees through emails and posters that germs were out there and needed to be stopped. We also created a 90-Day Challenge microsite, which served as the employees' scoreboard, rulebook and stadium for battle. After 90 days, the winning team walked away with pride and prizes.


Ninety-five percent of employees participated in the Healthy Workplace project. Offices were reportedly 50 percent cleaner, and absenteeism was reduced by 46 percent. Survey participants said they felt prouder and more productive.

We not only helped Kimberly-Clark sell more sanitizer but also become an invaluable partner in the success of their customers? business.