Meydan Beach

You'll Find a Way

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Meydan Beach is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind destination, which required a creative launch campaign on par with its beauty. It also required a point-of-differentiation for the beach club in a Dubai market that is accustomed to luxury.


Tap into this audiences desire to want to belong to something special, not just live a life of luxury. Meydan Beach is one of the premier private beaches in the world. It's a place that everyone wants to be a part of. Its exclusivity and luxury sets Meydan apart from its competition.


"How far will you go to belong?"

Making It Relevant

gyro Dubai shot dramatic imagery of people you would never expect to have trouble getting into any upscale place: fashionistas. The stunning print ads showed them going to extreme lengths to get into Meydan Beach via parachute, tunnels and even grappling hook. The "You'll Find a Way" campaign grabbed the imagination of a market that is cluttered with claims of the 'exclusive' and 'luxurious.'