More Sense than Money

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Powwownow are a challenger brand and need to grow their market share (currently 3%) of the FREE PIN conference call market with the aim of generating 48,000 new customers in 2012.

On a limited budget, the campaign must 'punch above its weight' and stand out in a fragmented marketplace in order to create cut-through and resonate with a serious business audience.


Our strategy was to position Powwownow as THE 'SME Champion' in the conference calling space. Their empathy with small businesses has enabled them to develop a conference calling product better suited to SME needs - one that saves them time, money and hassle in an economic climate where every minute and penny counts.

BT has become a faceless leviathan that's geared to serve big corporations, which means there's no brand leader in the non-corporate conferencing space, so we needed to harness Powwownow's maverick personality and create a fresh, desirable, credible brand that SMEs can trust.


For business people with more sense than money

Making it Relevant

The tongue-in-cheek 'More sense than money' campaign poked fun at the business community elite who appear to have more money than sense. With Powwownow, gyro created a fictional antihero character called Cecil Goldwell who acts at the epitome of backward business in the UK. Our integrated campaign, delivered across digital, BTL and ATL helped to bring Cecil to life in a humorous and direct way, which all drove increased traffic to Powwownow's registration page. The campaign has polarised opinion, with some London commuters defacing the ads on the London Underground (they obviously didn't appreciate the irony of the idea!).


The results have been incredibly strong, for a like-for-like period (February to March 2012), Powwownow has seen a 138% increase in traffic to its website, resulting in a 34% increase in revenue. Compared with Oct to Nov 2011, customer value increased by almost 60%, delivering an ROI ratio of 1:14.