Confidence at the moment of decision

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Despite having over 50% market share among ad agencies, Turn had little awareness within large companies and almost no awareness outside of their core customers. We needed to change that by creating a high-impact campaign that would give Turn buzz and instant credibility.


Not only does Turn give marketers and advertisers confidence that their campaigns will reach the widest and best audience, it ensures their strategy will be executed to a tee. As a result, Turn allows them to make bold decisions and achieve marketing greatness.


Confidence at the moment of decision

Making It Relevant

Turn's Super Bowl is the season finale of Mad Men. Not only is Mad Men an appointment viewing show with a high water cooler factor, its audience includes a high concentration of marketers and advertisers. And to make an impact during a show full of drama, we loaded our commercial with alcohol, cigarettes, guns, seduction, anger, revenge and modern special effects blended perfectly with a visual style from the 60's. To top it all off, we leveraged the commercial to create an integrated online campaign that served as a live case study for Turn's cross-channel marketing platform.