USG 2.0

The Weigh Has Been Lifted 2.0

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Launch a commercial portfolio of lightweight 5/8" wallboard.


Demonstrate what this dramatic weight difference really means to commercial contractors.


If you're not lifting SHEETROCK® brand UltraLight panels, what are you lifting?

Making It Relevant

We had to revamp the "USG The Weight Has Been Lifted" microsite to now build awareness of the expanding UltraLight commercial portfolio. We also added high-level engagement tools for the contractor, and a weight calculator continued to demonstrate the costs saved in a fun and playful manner.

On the mobile front, we created an app that expressed the product benefits while making it easy for contractors to calculate the exact amount of product they need for their project.

Through retargeting, online banners reached commercial contractors across very specific verticals in unexpected ways. In addition, we blanketed their dealerships with messaging and support to clearly communicate the benefits of this commercial breakthrough.


Before long, our Light Weight portfolio began popping up everywhere, with results that have been nothing short of astounding:

One billion feet or product delivered by mid-December 2011.

More than 20 million paid media impressions.

More than 33 million PR impressions.

More than 4 million search impressions.

Search click-through rates (CTR) far surpassed the industry average of .10 percent.

More than 300,000 visits to microsite.

More than 10,000 people attended the mobile product tour.