Virgin Atlantic

Well Red

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How do you deliver a cost effective global eCRm programme that is creative, highly personal, drives engagement and generates high levels of revenue?

Our brief was to create a high-impact piece of outdoor advertising to raise awareness of the service.


Make each of our 2 million Flying Club members to feel like we're speaking just to them.


Well Red - Your gateway to Virgin Atlantic.

Making it Relevant

Our solution in delivering Well Red was to create a custom campaign management tool. The Well Red e-newsletter is generated from an online portal that enables localised and segmented content to be dynamically assembled at the point of delivery.

We tailor our communications depending on members’ spending habits and how engaged they are, so that the copy, offers and themes are interesting to them. Well Red, is a little compliment to each reader. They’re part of the Virgin experience and choosing something better for themselves. So the name, style of imagery and the tone stays the same across all segments – we just make sure it’s always relevant.


Within the evaluation period (Aug 10 to July 11) Well Red generated:
- ROI of 2,100%
- KPI targets exceeded by 50%