Precision, Meet Feelings. Let’s Play.

The advent of “big data” has led businesses into what seems like a new age of reason. We have the technology now to quantify our world in a myriad of rational ways. We see more, we know more and we have the algorithms to reach people with more precision than ever before. Choose the channels, decide on the message and press send. Relevance is guaranteed; success will surely follow.

There’s just one flaw in this analysis: human nature.

Real people don’t behave as rationally or as predictably as the data might suggest. We are tribal and emotional, and the reasons behind the choices we make aren’t so easily measured. We go with our gut instinct; we hear what we want to hear; we choose our own “facts.”

This is not an age of reason; it’s an age of feeling. Big data has a big role to play, but only if we use it as the inspiration to create ideas that work on a human scale.

And what’s true of the world in general is equally true of the world gyro knows best – B2B marketing. For us, precision is nothing without feelings, because feelings ignite business decisions just as powerfully as they fire any other aspect of human behaviour.

As the leading network in B2B, we are putting every ounce of our global influence behind that message:

B2B by numbers is not enough.

But we’ve gone further than just a message. To bring precision and feelings together as never before in the B2B arena, we’ve fundamentally reshaped who we are and how we work.

To be a global powerhouse that’s properly full service, we’ve become masters of both context and content.

By context, we mean using all the precision tools available – from the worlds of media, analytics and technology – to get to the right place at the right time.

By content, we mean creative ideas, experiences and storytelling – anything that leads to feeling. It takes feeling to complete the journey and truly reach people…to be not just relevant, but humanly relevant.