Changing Healthcare, One Human at a Time

gyro:human is an award-winning, full-service agency that delivers gyro’s unique human relevancy to healthcare. Healthcare is different, not only because of its universality but also its intimacy. This is because what we call “healthcare” is actually shorthand for our most fundamental hopes and fears as humans – life and death, independence and dependence, control and chaos.

gyro:human is designed to service the entire healthcare economy – pharma, payers, providers, patients, and the expanding world of products and solutions that enable the traditional four Ps (pharma, payers, providers, patients). These companies are harnessing technology and data to deliver better outcomes throughout the healthcare economy. And throughout the healthcare economy, all stakeholders are challenged to differentiate and become more relevant in an increasingly complex and volatile ecosystem.

We understand the complexity and fragility of the economy and that if any part sneezes, the rest of the system catches cold. Payer changes affect providers. Policy changes affect pharma. Provider shifts affect patients. Our agency is premised on understanding the role of all stakeholders – providers, patients, caregivers, families, payers, device manufacturers, pharma, biotech, policymakers and healthcare tech companies.

What unites the gyro:human team – beyond the unparalleled expertise we collectively represent – is genuine passion for working in healthcare, and an abiding dedication to using the tools and frameworks of our expertise to build better marketing outcomes and better experiences for all healthcare stakeholders.

Some examples of what we’re working on:

  • Bringing to market a health insurance company in a new value-based and open-exchange marketplace
  • Refreshing the brand and promotional campaign for a market-leading global female sexual health OTC product
  • Helping a multi-market physician-led medical practice redefine itself and its approach to bring better care to patients
  • Rebranding a cloud-based technology platform designed specifically for clinical trials
  • Creating a new global franchise brand identity for a leading bio-pharmaceutical company
  • Developing strategic platforms to help a client bring new telemedicine solutions to market to meet a range of healthcare needs, including underserved communities
  • Developing a multi-channel communication strategy for a European medical device manufacturer
  • Positioning a new biologic’s delivery system for future launch
  • Repackaging a medical client’s huge product range into a focused, customer-centric CRM solution

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