5 New B2B Marketing Trends
You Need to Know Now

Here are five ways to boost engagement, create better user experiences, and drive customer acquisition and retention.

Here are five ways to boost engagement, create better user experiences, and drive customer acquisition and retention.

Significant shifts in B2B marketing have already occurred this year. But there’s no need to look back to see what opportunities you may have missed; you still have plenty of time to ramp up efforts to capitalize on emerging trends and finish off the year strong.

1. Design Dynamics – Create User-Directed Experiences That Increase Engagement
The biggest trends in user experience design offer customers increased control and create more immersive, self-directed experiences. Trends like cinemagraphs and CSS coding cross the boundaries of traditional marketing and bring the virtual world to life. Dynamic imagery that puts products into first-person shots and “exploded” views that show off a product’s components piece by piece are changing how consumers experience marketing. Taking advantage of new technology like car dashboards, smart thermostats and voice-controlled user-interface capabilities is helping marketers create seamless, frictionless experiences for consumers. With seemingly no barriers to engagement, marketers now have direct access to their audience all the time. Take advantage of it.


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2. Commerce and Customer – Make Buying Easier with New Analytics and Technology
With offline payment systems that enable smaller retailers to quickly complete transactions, and “buy” buttons appearing all over the Web on social media and other sites, companies are offering creative ways to encourage consumers to purchase their products. New technology such as Gainsight, Directly and Intercom enables marketers to track consumer behavior from first impression through purchase to spark fresh ways to target consumers’ wallets. Creating an easier experience for the consumer could ultimately mean more sales for you.


Source: Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Report

3. Speed Sells – Convert Prospects Through High-Quality, Real-Time Content
Consumers face a deluge of information and a wealth of sources supplying it. Real-time content that offers relevant, engaging stories has the power to cut through the noise and convert prospects into buyers. With instantaneous content delivery through platforms like Periscope and Meerkat, and real-time newsrooms that produce expansive content primed to convert, companies have the ability to be continually top of mind, especially when buyers are ready to make a purchase.

4. It’s Evolution, Baby – Increase Brand Connection Through New Platforms
Savvy marketers are taking traditional marketing formats and giving them a shot of vibrant life. Ads optimized for mobile via social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest are fast, interactive and adaptive to the behavior of the user. Pay-to-play games, next-generation infographics, and branded Web comics and video series are additional opportunities to get in front of consumers. The more channels used to communicate could be the determining factor for consumers’ present purchases and long-term loyalty.

5. Tech Transformation – Use New Analytics to Offer Targeted Marketing
Technology to analyze how consumers respond and engage with content is rapidly advancing. New tools offer the ability to customize messaging on an individual level for maximum impact. This era of people-based marketing requires coordinated interactions across desktop and mobile to offer the most engaging, cohesive experience possible. To get a jump on the competition, marketers are also using predictive analytics tools that offer insight into future consumer behavior to deliver the information consumers need before they even know they need it.


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With increasing pressure to make the most of your current budget, sales teams asking for better leads, and stakeholders requesting greater efficiency and increasing profits, taking advantage of these trends could help you not only keep your prospects and customers at the center of your focus but also meet your end-of-year goals.