A New World of Stories

We often miss the little things as we race around at breakneck speed trying to get a million things done.

But in this rushing around we forget the moment that we are in – those little things remain unnoticed and are lost in time. But that’s where the most wonder, the most enjoyment and often, the most inspiration lies.

Surrealist photographer Cade Martin, who’s just done some work for Starbucks Tazo Tea, sums it up perfectly on his homepage.

With our hectic lives, it can be tough to do this. Kickstarter projects Lytro and Memoto lend a helping hand by giving you a second chance to take another look. Lytro lets you refocus your pictures after the event while Memoto snaps away 24/7 to create a visual log of your life – watch the video here.

Slow down, take a fresh look at the small things and you’ll begin to see a new world of stories emerge.

-Mike Alty, Account Executive, gyro Manchester