A Single Mind is a Joy Forever

Last week, in a 4 day rally across the 27 member states of the European Union, 736 Members of the European Parliament were elected to represent some 500,000,000 million Europeans. And, the clear winner of these largest transnational elections in history is …. : The Single Minded Proposition!

In the Netherlands we observed the biggest growth in popularity of those parties either representing a clear position in favor of (Europhile or Euro-optimists) or against (Eurosceptic) an increase in the level of integration, power and size of the European Union.

The Single Minded Proposition is the single most important thing you can say about the brand that causes a consumer to change their perception of that brand and that necessitates a change in consumer purchasing decisions.

And so this simple YES or NO that the winning parties consistently communicated throughout their campaign, lifted voters from their sometimes deep rooted political preferences and left the current governmental parties defeated.

A simple YES or NO that is:
– Memorable: its simplicity leaves no room for interpretation
– Motivating: today’s economy makes the EU relevant again; it fuels protectionist sentiments for some, and a need for scale and integration for others
– Differentiating: understandable and transparent, non-elitist and uncompromised by the complexity of party ideology

So let’s be brave and dare to choose, be bold and stick to the point, do it well and win.

Tom Bals
Managing Director
GyroHSR Amsterdam