B2B creativity in rude health at the Cannes Lions

As the BMA’s agency of the year 2012, gyro strives to be at the forefront of discussions, trends and creative work in the B2B agency world. Because of this, the recently concluded Cannes Lions 2012 has been a particularly encouraging festival as the sector continues to show off its creative talent and fearless campaigns. The often common misconception that B2C work is more exciting, innovative and engaging is looking ever more archaic with each passing of Cannes Lions edition.

But what’s causing business-to-business agencies to grow ever bolder and more inventive with their work? Our @Work report goes a long way to explain how the sector is shifting its campaigns to fit with the changing mind set of business decision makers. With the ever growing infiltration of smartphones and mobile technology, business and personal lives are becoming blurred as work is taken home and home taken into work. This has reminded the B2B agency world that decision makers are human beings, with thoughts, emotions and dreams, and that marketing to such an audience can be done on a personal level. This has opened the door for B2B agencies to be at their most creative and in doing so challenge the B2C world to step up to the plate.