BlackBerry Relaunches Brand, Combats Concerns About Viability



BlackBerry is the iconic mobile device for business. But in recent years, competitors took firm control of the consumer market. The press and pundits were betting against the brand. BlackBerry needed a campaign to relaunch the brand and combat concerns about viability by focusing on its core expertise – business productivity.

Spotlight BlackBerry’s unmatched expertise in providing “Serious Mobility for Serious Business.” In contrast to competitors’ focus on smartphones for “fun,” BlackBerry offers superior security, battery life and typing experience on its devices. It also provides a full set of services that meet the needs of the most demanding businesses. The new BlackBerry Passport, with its touch-sensitive keyboard and innovative wide screen, showcases how BlackBerry serves high-performing professionals better than any other mobility provider. Whether it’s X-rays in a hospital or spreadsheets in the office, it’s a sophisticated business tool that enables the user to “Work Wide.”

BlackBerry Passport sold over 200,000 units in the first week of launch. The company saw a dramatic turnaround, from losing $1.2 billion a quarter to sustained profitability in recent months. Analysts have become bullish on BlackBerry, and the business world was successfully reintroduced to the mobile device they love.