Brand Couples = Brand Loyalty

You’ve heard it before but it’s a mantra worth listening to: building a relationship with your customers builds brand loyalty. And the best way to build a relationship is to show a relationship unfolding. It’s worked time and time again, starting with Nescafe’s Gold Blend Couple in the 1980s.

Nescafe cleverly wove the story of the Gold Blend couple over a series of TV ads and the whole nation was hooked. There is something about a romance story that never fails to capture the imagination and people were interacting with the ad campaign in the same way as they would their favourite soap; will they get together or won’t they. And the first ‘brand couple’ was born.
Of course many brands have since played on the notion of romance to underpin their ads, Nestle had The Last Rolo campaign, Cadbury’s had the ‘And all because’ campaign for Milk Tray and Interfora had ‘The Power of Flowers’. But none were as successfully as Nescafe, until the BT Couple appeared. Once again a whole nation was gripped by the unfolding story of Adam and Jane.
Adam and Jane are the brand couple for the noughties and BT has capitalised on that with its latest campaign – crowdsourcing the next instalment of their unfolding relationship. It’s genius. The overwhelming reaction that BT has had only highlights just how successful a brand couple is in building a relationship with customers. People responded by the millions, in fact 1.6 million people voted on the future of the BT couple, which is incredible when you think they are reacting not to a TV show but to an ad campaign.

So what’s the lesson here? It’s simple, developing an ongoing storyline gives consumers a reason to engage with your brand, and a tale of romance is the best story there is.

By Richard Perry, Chief Operating Officer at b2b agency, gyro

Twitter: richjperry