Brand Relevance in a Tech-Numbed World

We live in a digital world and bright new technologies are bringing us together as never before. In just one click we can share our innermost thoughts with millions of other people. We can do anything from swapping pictures of kittens to bringing down governments.

We should feel like gods, but somehow we don’t.

Rather than opening up a world of possibilities we are all suffering from information overload. As a result we’ve become numb by this constant bombardment of content. It seems we’ve switched on something that we can’t switch off and the more it continues the more desensitized we become.

So the big question is this; in a world made numb by digital noise, what can any business or brand do to make itself relevant again?

Why should anyone care?

Creative agencies, in fact every agency across every discipline, need to change the way we approach client briefs. We need to create more humanly relevant ideas that can survive this digital tsunami. Companies and cultures must be transformed to reflect this need in our clients. It means redefining the modern agency as an ideas shop: a single team of curators and inventors focused first and foremost on the development of humanly relevant ideas. Ideas that we know could come from anywhere, take any form and that can be celebrated in every channel.

We’ve got to wipe away the “creative apartheid” that this idea business has suffered from for way too long. And break down the barriers between departments, disciplines, industries, countries and people so we’re working as a single unit, creating ideas that ignite emotions.

This emotional engagement is the key to regaining the lost intimacy between businesses, brands and people. It’s there in every choice humans make, whether they’re buying an airline ticket on Virgin Atlantic or shipping something on FedEx. Ideas that ignite emotions are ideas that ignite business decisions. And our right to exist as a global idea shop depends on our ability to find those expansive ideas that trigger emotions in every channel and provide sincere dialogue.

Only then will we be able to ignite business decisions in this world gone numb.

Say no to the creative apartheid and make brands and businesses matter to people again.

by Christoph Becker

Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer

Cross-posted at Ignite Something on the Forbes CMO Network [link here]