Brands Don't Change. They Travel.

All of us working in marketing and communications, whether at advertisers or communication agencies, are connected by the same duty and purpose: We are all messengers and guardians of the brand. The brand is the name of the idea that brought the company into existence.

Our day-to-day job is to ensure the brand travels through time and to help it weather crises and changes by updating and respecting its founding idea. We create worlds that respect these founding values and legitimise the brand’s long-term future.

Our work is as fascinating as it is vital. To nurture a brand without deviating from its legitimate basis is to enable plants to operate, businesses to do business and R&D to prepare for the future with new products and services built on robust foundations.

Our work is invaluable, because by nurturing brands we nurture our economy. Our job in no way involves transforming companies into clones that, enslaved to trends and tied to the bandwagon, develop one-size-fits-all products.

Our work is to convey the personality of the brand by giving it the exact role that corresponds to the values behind its creation.

Ours is an immense responsibility despite the short-term financial imperatives of the company. And so we have to explain and re-explain to management committees and shareholders the importance of marketing and communication investments and how vital they are to the brand as it travels onward. We have to remind stakeholders that the success of our initiatives is manifested physically in the shape of plants, jobs and dividends. We must also not forget that this success comes from the spark that lighted the flame at the origin of the brand.

Let us be fervent, enthusiastic and vigilant messengers, fully aware of the importance of our choices, and mindful that brands do not change. They travel.

Our role as marketing and communication specialists is to help them make that journey last.


by Didier Stora
General Manager – gyro Paris

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