CyberMega Monday

It’s been a while since I posted my last blog so I thought I’d come back with something to lift everyone’s spirits in the run up to the holiday season. Monday 29th Nov saw Cyber Monday rear it’s affluent head once again in the US with online sales hitting their peaks for the year. This phenomenon occurs every year, the Monday after the Thanksgiving turkey is settling and is the unofficial start of the festive shopping period. Sales this year in the US topped $1billion!

The UK has also jumped on the cyber bandwagon and yesterday saw what is dubbed Mega Monday where approximately £16000 a second was spent online.

Given the high traffic volumes reported by e-tailers, this would indicate that a lot of spending must have been done whilst people were at work. I’m not frowning upon this, in fact I think it showcases well just how much our work and home lives are coming together without us even realizing it.  Far from productivity being down, the minor break from work is thought to give people a boost during their day.

Now comes the uplifting bit…next year on Cyber Monday and Mega Monday, I am going to give everyone an hour off where they can down tools and indulge in some online retail therapy, without the fear of being caught! I will be sending round my Christmas list the week before!

Richard Perry, Chief Operations Officer at b2b agency, gyro