Daylight Robbery

For the next several months, the UK will be subjected to one of the most baffling pieces of modern-day regulation around. Everyone in the country will move his/her clocks back one hour to make it that little bit easier to get up in the morning through the winter months. But what is the cost of this “natural” alarm clock?

We conducted research into the effects that such a drastic change has on the country’s productivity, and the results make for sobering reading. The longer, darker evenings lower productivity to such an extent that £165 million a day is wasted, totaling up to £18 billion over the six months the change is in effect. To visualise the effect of this demotivation and lapsed concentration caused, the lost revenue equates to wasting half a working day every single week.

As a global creative agency, we rely on stimulating ideas and progressive thinking, and our work environment is designed to develop this as far as possible, but when faced with darkness at 4 p.m., there is little a bright office can do to improve spirits. We are a forward-thinking agency and realize the conventional working practices and marketing methods are dead. We all want to be smarter with our time and encouraging flexible working can work only so far. However, this flexibility simply doesn’t solve the root of the problem.

So gyro welcomes with open arms the news that the UK government is thinking of shifting the UK to Central European Time. Surely in such precarious economic times, UK Plc needs to be as productive and profitable as it is possible to be.

Where we make business decisions has changed and how we work has changed. Work goes home; home goes to work. These are simple facts of the modern workforce. Nobody can underestimate the value of an empowered employee. Let’s give ourselves a break and get back to business.

by Patrick Danaher
Director of Marketing
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