Everyday Magic.

It was a grey Sunday in January. We were halfway through a noisy breakfast. The usual fight had broken out over who got to drink out of the crocodile cup. And the kids were squabbling too. Then something magical happened. It started snowing.

I took the kids outside and we listened, spellbound. People say everything goes silent in the snow, but that’s not quite true. The white noise of London’s soundscape was turned down, sure. But in its place was a white fizz – the sound of a million flakes touching down.

It didn’t take long for the magic to take effect. Pretty soon our grey suburban street started coming alive. Every face was beaming. Londoners were actually talking to each other. Parents were sharing their sledges with other people’s snotty-nosed kids. Teenagers were building snowmen with people they’d never met before. There was spontaneous excitement in the eyes.

People aren’t mundane, they just settle too easily into mundane habits. One light sprinkling of magic and they’ll seize the opportunity to do something different.

– Christian Dawson, Strategy Director, Woolley Pau gyro