Helsinki’s Psychotropic Journalism

At gyro, we know that emotion is the key to intimacy between business, brands and people.  Recently, Finland’s largest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, came up with an inspiring idea that in real-time reflects and embodies the emotion of an entire nation.  Because people react to news, and what’s good news to one person may be upsetting to the next – Helsingin Sanomat designed a four-meter high cube of pulsating, colored light that gages reader’s emotions after reading a story in the paper.

The ‘Emotion Cube’ is fueled by the emotions of its readers shared via mobile, tablet or pc. The combined mood of the readers is then translated into one of eight emotions (hope, sorrow, joy, worry, interest, anger, compassion and surprise), each of which makes The ‘Emotion Cube’ pulsate in a specific color, while the written word glows from within.

This interactive outdoor installment on Kamppi Square, Helsinki, is designed to remind readers about the power of journalism to generate an emotional response.  And a great example of bringing humans together with an idea fired by emotion!   See a live stream of the campaign on Helsingin Sanomat’s website (click top button to access the live stream).

-Dusty Williams, Account Supervisor, gyro Chicago