Four Questions

How Makino Stays Humanly Relevant

In the industrial space, manufacturers want to know how to become more efficient and more productive. But selling them a solution to get there requires connecting with them on an emotional level.

Makino Marketing Director Mark Rentschler, one of gyro’s longest-tenured client partners, took a few moments to share some thoughts on how his company has made its high-performance technology more humanly relevant. Read on.

Mark Rentschler, Marketing Director of Makino

Cutting metal is a highly technical job. How does your marketing tap into the human side of your business?
It is tough to appeal to engineers. They are not only skeptical but also demanding buyers. We have found that what matters looks different for each customer. If they run a family business, what matters to them may center on family or employees; for others, it’s about producing new and precise medical advances. What matters can be a passion for the car parts they produce. Others strive to make their community a better place. Our “Make What Matters” marketing campaign, created by gyro, celebrates this audience. At Makino, we speak to our audience’s passions while demonstrating how our equipment can help them solve real-life challenges.

Reimagine marketing to capture the voice of the market

Purchasing a piece of high-performance equipment isn’t a quick decision. How do you keep customer interest ignited as they make this decision?
Actually, for some of our customers, making the decision to invest in new high-performance equipment can, in fact, be quick because they are driven by new business or a new contract that they’ve obtained or by a quality requirement their existing equipment cannot provide.
Many large capital investments, however, require significant research and work to find the correct solution. In either scenario, we rely on our technical sales engineers to assist customers.
We also produce tools such as webinars and white papers that are specifically focused on process. Because Makino’s equipment is frequently more expensive than the competitors’, we need our customers to understand the operational characteristics and the value that they can expect to receive through the use of our technology. That requires multiple touchpoints and multiple paths of learning.
How do you put technology front and center to help your customers while remaining humanly relevant?
We work in very focused markets and provide very focused technology to fulfill the requirements of our customers. To communicate our capabilities, we leverage case studies and host private events. Both channels share how companies in our customers’ industries have used our technology in a way that clearly creates benefit. Demonstrating this value is always a challenge because of the competitive advantage that results from this kind of technology; but businesses are always seeking a competitive manufacturing advantage in this complex global economy.


How is Makino planning to transform its business this year and beyond?
We have come off another record sales year, and we plan to continue that growth with a number of new products being launched this year. These products will fulfill very specific market needs with exceptionally performing technology. We plan to be efficient with our marketing spend in a way that delivers the correct message to the correct account at the correct time. Moreover, we plan to exploit the rapid growth of marketing technology in order to be more direct and to truly perform account-based marketing.