Intangible Beauty As Inspiration

Intangible beauty is my constant inspiration. It takes my breath away when I least expect it. The wind hitting my cheek as I overlook the rolling hills in the fall. Experiencing the perfect harmony of prose and melody. Connecting to a moment in time through the brilliance of a lens. Seeing the perfect three-toothed, rosy-cheeked smile of my 11-month old.

These beautiful moments touch my life in unique ways every day. I don’t look for them, but feel them nonetheless. They ignite my senses, remind me of what is most precious, force me to pause and breathe, and drive my passion to be a better mother, wife, peer, and professional. They are the experiences that move me in the most wonderful ways and inspire my most sincere thoughts and emotions. I am just grateful to be along for the ride.

– Amber Long,┬áVP Engagement, gyro Cincinnati