iPad: The 'I' is for India

India: the world’s second most populated country with almost 1.2 billion residents.  That’s one big, and therefore very attractive market! Yet the average annual salary is under £1,000. Consequently, there have been numerous attempts to produce affordable technological solutions to capture this sizeable revenue stream. To date however, almost every project has failed to get out of the starting blocks.  Thwarted by logistical issues and unable to get the right backing – the gap in this market still remains.

But is this about to change? The Indian Government has developed a tablet type computer which it wants to manufacture and make available to students across the country.

It seems that this might be the project to finally succeed.  Firstly, it has the support of the Government which makes it a serious proposition from the get-go and importantly opens many doors to implementing a robust manufacturing process to get the product to market.

The other major reason that this has a stronger chance than its predecessors is that it is in tablet form, not PC or even laptop which have come before.  Tablet technology offers a completely new way of engaging in technology easily fulfills the needs of the Indian market as it stands today.  In this way, it’s not just financially viable on a large scale but practically as well.  Just as the iPad is a step-change in media consumption in addition to that which is already so inherent in our lives, so this gadget will be step-change in widespread digital engagement in India.

For the Indian market to fulfill the potential that it offers, the population needs to be technologically mobilised and this initiative could be the solution to this.  At the moment it is just a plan but a plan that I for one feel has a good chance of coming to fruition and that can only be a good thing for all of us.

By Carol O’Mara at London marketing agency, gyro