Join In The Band

gyro and Forbes have debuted a new eBook entitled “Transformational Marketing: The Best of the Forbes CMO Network.” Published in conjunction with gyro, which is the Advisor to the Forbes CMO Network, you can download it for free here. This collection features topics ranging from Red Bull’s effect on content marketing to b-to-b ceasing to be. Below is a sample chapter from the collection which gets to the heart of the issues most relevant to brand leaders. Enjoy.

I was in a really good band once. Playing rock music to people who get an emotional charge from what you do is one of the greatest gifts in the world. You are immersed in team chemistry, the creative process, praise and adrenaline all at once. You never forget the feeling. And it didn’t really matter if I played for 200 people or 2,000 people. The feeling was always the same: I am me. I am playing killer music, and, hey, these people actually like it.

Some years ago, I experienced that same feeling again. It was when my colleagues and I delivered a big idea for a chemical company. We delivered a killer idea and the audience really liked it. I felt like I was in a band again. Sean played the role of the quiet bass player, not comfortable being out in front but holding down the project. (He’s a project manager.) Carolyn was in the wings, adding the sparkle of strategically placed keyboards and the one who colors all the work with the proper personality. (She’s the planner.) Our drummer was also the lead singer, controlling the pace of the presentation and jumping out front to sing the chorus of our idea. (That was me: the drummer who always wanted be out in front, but never had been.)

Our “show” was amazing. We received a standing ovation. We made a chemical company humanly relevant. We felt like rock stars. And we got into the van to drive home. We recounted the gig, our fans’ reactions and we high-fived, talking about each other’s performances. The band delivered.

Recognizing that special chemistry that occurs between people who have varied talents and work together to create something bigger than them is something I will always treasure.

I recommend joining a band. Use a guitar, a pencil or a camera, but just create something with the special people around you. Make something that matters and enjoy every performance you get.

Mike Tittel is the executive creative director at gyro Cincinnati.