Marketers Should Stop Worrying, Start Living

Fear not, I’m not about to plagiarise Dale Carnegie or use Jedi mind tricks to make you a better marketer but the book of the man was the inspiration for this piece.

This is about perspective and the need for worry-free risk in what we do in order to do great work.

A friend of mine’s wife is a surgical assistant. She specialises in cardio vascular operations and that means none of her jobs are minor especially when it’s an emergency. I think, and I’m sure you’ll agree, this sounds like quite a stressful job. Thankfully, she’s seen more successes than failures and she loves what she does because at the end of the day, ‘you can only do your best’. She is also one of the calmest and happiest people I know.

By contrast, I look around some days at my colleagues – and myself – and speak with friends in other agencies and I’m left wondering, why we get so highly strung and stressed? I know the answer, it’s because if you’re good you care and are passionate about what you do. Everything you create has a little bit of you in it and so we can’t help boiling over from time to time.

The difference is, if you get it wrong, you can make the next thing better and redeem yourself.

I’ve always felt very privileged to call being ‘creative’ a job. We get paid to spend a brand’s money delivering business results with advertising and have fun while we do it.

I’m not suggesting what we do is easy; a lot of people are poor at it. But, we have to take risks in order to do great work and deliver results. The new global economy dictates the pace of change and it will never be this slow again.

So, enjoy the process, the peaks and the troughs. Embrace the madness, take risks and you’ll do the best work of your life.

After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

by Peter Petrella

Creative Director

Cross-posted at Ignite Something on the Forbes CMO Network