Media Measurement and Data Analytics are the Buzz . . .

Every morning I open my email excited to read the latest media and marketing trends, and every day I am delighted with new tools and insights available to aid in exponential intellectual growth. The media measurement and analytics world is moving at such a rapid pace, sometimes I can’t even catch my breath, but alas, I do, and realize how exhilarating the ride is along the way.

There were two recent announcements that will change the way we do business. The first is described in an AdAge article entitled Google Opens Up Digital-Education Portal. Google developed an educational portal for ad agencies housing an array of highly sought-after digitally referenced topics in a searchable library. The depth of Google’s research and reference materials is tremendous, and the ability to access its resources in a user-friendly manner will be a daily go-to tool for media and marketing professionals. 

The second is Comscore’s Announcement of Media Metrix 360: The Next Generation of Global Digital Audience Measurement. This is a “panel-centric” solution to digital audience measurement, utilizing its global panel of 2MM persons, in conjunction with website server metrics, in order to account for 100% of a website’s audience. This release by Comscore is unique not only in its panel-centric approach, but also its ability to measure this highly sought-after digital audience globally.
We are excited to explore this new tool once it’s introduced in July, and will carefully assess its usability and accuracy to overcome complex audience measurement challenges.

Frannie Danzinger
Senior Vice President – Media, North America