Eight Smart Ideas From gyro: Help Bring Them To SXSW

Eight smart ideas from five different gyro offices (Cincinnati, Dubai, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C.) for SXSW Interactive. Help bring them to life by voting at the SXSW Panelpicker. Here are the details:

1. The New Era of Design

This panel discussion is a call to arms and call to action for executives to recognize this new era and make the effort to transform even a mundane product or service into something more rewarding and more memorable.


2. Outgunning with Geo & Occupational Targeting

In this presentation, we will discuss how gyro and Siemens cast a big shadow using a “surround” strategy of search and social marketing. Those targeted, via search, Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels, simply felt like Siemens was everywhere.


3. How Not to Get Screwed When Designing for Mobile

In today’s multi-device world—different OS platforms, screen sizes, and resolutions, web developers and designers are faced with the challenge of creating digital experiences that are optimized for every device type. How does one bridge the gap between SEO and smart mobile website design? We’ll explore recommendations and their impact on SEO and mobile user-experience. We ‘ll also discuss what to do when you’re ready to move past just having a mobile-friendly site and want to give a different experience.


4. Branding on the Moon: Marketing in the Middle East

In this panel we look to address the challenges faced by brands and agencies in the region and explore the strategies to overcome them. We highlight where and why brands have failed and succeeded and consider what the future holds for the world’s harshest advertising environment. An eye-opener for anyone interested in the nuances of doing business in The Middle East.


5. Sign of the Times: The Evolution of the Ambient

gyro’s Steffan Postaer takes a provocative look at signage over history, it’s role in changing human behavior, as propaganda, as cultural touchstone… and why we can’t stop looking at signs, or making them.


6. Living in the Science Fiction Age

This panel will feature leaders from innovative tech companies to evaluate what it means to live in the future and what they see for the neo-future.


7. The @Work State of Mind: Engaging the Most Engaged

Work comes home. Home comes to work. This panel is a deep dive into into gyro’s extensive research project with Forbes exploring how executives make decisions in a hyper-connected world. New findings will be released.


8. Ending the Tragedy of Disengagement

1 in 3 workers are disengaged, according to a Gallup poll. But how can that be? gyro and SMART Technologies will explore ways to make the workforce more collaborative.