Talking About My Inspiration

Today I was nominated to write a little inspirational story for gyro Munich. I immediately grabbed my coffee cup. Inspiration? I’ve never really thought about what inspired me, but have gratefully taken inspiration just when it is there. There are days when I feel inspired and don’t know where to put all the thoughts and ideas that are rushing through my mind in order not lose a single one of them. There are nights when I bother my loved one next to me by repeatedly, hysterically typing words into my iPhone. And then there are nights that my dearest and I can just sleep. Sometimes followed by days that I am seeking inspiration on the ceiling, on the screen, outside the office window, in my coffee cup…

So what’s the big secret? What makes the difference behind these sleepless nights and the coffee cup days? I tried to think about it, but decided to let it go and do what I always did: just take the inspiration and be grateful for it because – mostly it’s just there to grab. If you think about it or not.

I see it in my favourite colleague smiling at me, I smell it in in the warm and pure, overwhelming scent of my little son when I wake him up in the morning, I hear it in a song that makes me want to dance, I taste it in my MaiTai and red wine (no – I don’t need alcohol to be inspired). And I feel it: in my heart, in my head, in my fingers, in my whole body.

Sorry, I have to stop this now and get all this inspiration and create humanly relevant ideas.

The end.

– Nicole Flattich, Senior Copywriter, gyro Munich