The Final Doodle

A final update from the road by Ant Lillingston, a Planner at b2b agency, gyro who has been traveling from London to Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia raising £3,595 for a number of children’s charities. Check out

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Blue Skies Ger Village is located in the suburbs of Ulaanbaatar. The village was set-up to house and educate 60 children at any one time. Children find their way to the village through a relatively broken police recommendation system – in Mongolia, there is no active social service. They are usually victims of abuse – often sexual – or they are found on the streets.

Harsh winters bring chilling temperatures of -40c so homeless children often take to the sewers around Ulaanbaatar to draw heat from the pipes. The Mongolian government has attempted to fill in the sewer entry points to force the children into alternative means of shelter but whilst walking around the town centre we saw many had been broken back in.

We also noticed that the village is incredibly self-sufficient. A small bakery and and slightly larger than average vegetable patch means the kids can share the responsibility of keeping food on the table whilst also keeping day-to-day running costs down.

The staff at CNCF are all 100% dedicated to equiping the children with life skills that allow them a smooth transition back into society when their time at CNCF comes to an end. This passion is focussed by Christina Noble herself who remains very much involved in the running of the Village and others like it in Vietnam.

Knowing that donations will go directly to this project and future projects just like it gives us great confidenence that it will be used intelligently to ensure a continuous and positive impact on disadvantaged children of Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar. From the few hours that we spent in the village we got an overwhelming sense that these kids had started to forget their dark pasts and were now fully focussed on the present and their, now suddenly, bright futures.