The Power of a Smile

It’s very hard to notice the effect you have on people when you’re busy with day-to-day tasks and chores. Sometimes it feels like life is a blur of work, home, sleep, work, home and sleep… Yet one smile or one moment of energy can change your day completely.

I often hear ‘Alpa, you’re always so happy and positive’. I have heard this more so since I’ve been working at gyro. It made me think about how energy and positivity plays a part in your personal life and more importantly in your working life.

I believe that a positive approach to everything you do can make even the most laborious task interesting. I have found that in the workplace, colleagues are more willing to help you if you have a positive attitude regardless of the topic being discussed. Often people forget how tough the meeting was if they remember a positive energy in the room.

I have found that my natural ability to be positive is something not everyone is blessed with. I feel like it’s a secret weapon. Recently I came across a super tough brief with an extremely short deadline and an even more challenging client. I started to notice that the more I frowned and the less I smiled the more difficult the day seemed. After a typically ‘tough’ day I went to sleep, with the objective to ensure that however the next day panned out I would stay upbeat and keep a smile on my face.

The difference was significant. I found I was more productive and able to assess situations with a calmer and more proactive approach. Even my client, who always seemed to be busy and stressed, when called with a simple ‘dial with a smile’ attitude and asked ‘how she was’, instantly changed her tone to a more approachable and softer conversation. All of which helped build a closer client relationship.

Attacking your job with positive energy leads to a more confident approach and people become more willing to help. We are able to do a more effective job for our clients and every day is a more enjoyable experience.

Alpa Patel is an account manager at gyro London.