Why an Idea Culture Matters to Us

In a new communications world, characterized by an explosion in consumer-generated content, if we are to make our living as creative professionals, we simply must be extraordinary. We have no choice, if we expect to continue to pay our bills with fruits from this labor.

Our work, our ideas, our use of language, our imagery, our mastery of applications and technologies must be so much more awe-inspiring, cutting-edge, arresting, provocative, engaging and memorable than what some clever fellow might cobble together with a MacBook and flip phone.

We must be exceptional; the very best at what we do. We must be able to think thoughts and do things that not everyone can do—and not everyone can think such thoughts and do such things. We must show the world that we are gifted.

Easy means of media production and distribution have closed the competency gap between wannabes and the time-passers of our profession. But tools can’t close the gap between wannabes and the truly creative, the real masters of the communications trade.

There will always be rich rewards for the purveyors of great work, but mediocre creative professionals will soon be overtaken by clever consumers who are frankly willing to put more energy and passion into it, even as their pastime.

Our emphasis on our idea culture should be regarded as a wake-up call. It relates not only to our futures at GyroHSR, but also to our futures as communications professionals, in general.

Rick Segal
Chief Executive, North America
Global Practice Leader, B-to-B