Copywriter Internship


gyro’s Internship Program is designed to give eager, bright individuals the best, most realistic internship experience in the advertising industry. Our interns are embraced as contributing employees of the agency, and are expected to be innovative and produce ideas that are humanly relevant. Participants work alongside award-winning leadership, who will help you develop into the young professional you strive to be.

This is a paid program that will start in the beginning of June and run through August. This exceptional program is offered to college students or recent college grads. Applicants will be accepted through April 14tht.


Copywriting Internship:

Do you like to play with words? Do your friends laugh at your jokes? Do you crush at Scrabble? Ever seen a commercial, print ad or video and say, “That was $#@! I could do better than that.” Then prove it by becoming a Copywriting Intern at gyro.

“Why gyro?” you ask? Because gyro is an ideas shop. An idea factory that pushes out big, hairy, mind-blowing ideas that move big, hairy, mind-blowing products.

Need another reason? How about the fact that our interns are not here to get our coffee. Our moms taught us how to do that. Our interns are not here to order our lunch. That’s what GrubHub is for. Our interns are here for one thing—to create the big, hairy, mind-blowing ideas we just mentioned.

So now you’re probably asking yourself, “What would a day of interning at (WARNING: Shameless self promotion alert) 2015’s B2B Agency of the Year be like?

Great question! Well, you’d be responsible for providing creative support in all areas ranging from concepting to blah blah blah. Simply put, you’ll be responsible for coming up with great, big, eye-popping, social media-talking ideas. Ideas that we can sell to our clients. Ideas that will win an award or 10. Ideas you can show off to your parents and impress attractive strangers with.

Want another reason? How about a culture that’s designed to set creative minds free. To send them off in search of new. To go out, hunt down and bring home different. Here you’ll be working off the same briefs as the rest of the team. You’ll be expected to contribute like the rest of the team. And all you need is a college degree and a portfolio that shows you love solving problems.

So what do you think? Sound like fun? If so send us your resume and bring your A-game. Because you’ll be nurtured, educated and pushed like you’ve never been nurtured, educated and pushed before. If so send us your site or electronic samples pronto. What are you waiting for? We’ve got work to do.


We are looking for someone who will bring:

  • Degree/major in a creative field
  • Please submit resume along with your online portfolio
  • Ability to multitask and utilize resources to execute tasks in a deadline-oriented environment
  • Highly motivated to assist others on the team
  • Excellent communication/interpersonal skills
  • Eager to jump into the world of advertising



If you’re interested in applying please email your resume and/or online portfolio to: