A Bag of Crisps, a Sandwich and a Job to Go, Please!

LONDON & MANCHESTER – (Jan. 14, 2010) – B2b agency gyro has continued with its recruitment drive with new hires across its Manchester and London offices.

The global ideas shop, is launching an innovative recruitment campaign in a bid to attract top talent from competitor agencies.

The quirky month-long campaign, which kicks off on 18th January, takes the form of a high impact ad printed on 100,000 sandwich bags, which will be distributed at independent cafes in the local vicinity of competitor agencies. The creative has been designed to seed the idea of a job move in the minds of potential gyro candidates, prompting the question “Should I stay? Should I go?”

gyro has planned the campaign with military precision. A full scale stakeout was deployed in November and December to scope out the most appropriate cafes for its sandwich bag message, ensuring that every working day lunchtime scores of advertisers and marketers will be eating straight out of the gyro recruitment message.

Richard Perry, chief operations officer of gyro, said: “gyro is in the fortunate position of needing an influx of new talent. We have recently won a substantial amount of new businesses, both globally and in the UK, and this combined with our organic growth and continued appetite for great people, means that we are in the market to make a number of new appointments.

It’s the beginning of the year and many people at this time naturally look to their careers, yet with a continued unstable economy some people may well be put off reassessing their career options. As a result we want to take our recruitment message and place it directly in their hands. Our aim is to remind them that there is another way and gyro is an agency of opportunity – and one that isn’t scared to go after what it wants.”

The London marketing agency is looking to grow its creative department by 50% in 2010.