Ailleurs Exactement Joins Forces with gyro:Paris

Paris [October 1, 2014] – Ailleurs Exactement is joining gyro, the global ideas shop. Together, gyro:ailleurs exactement is now one of the largest and strongest independent creative agencies in France.

Ailleurs Exactement was founded in 2000 by Evelyn Soum and Jean Pierre Chebassier. This independent, award-winning agency’s top clients include: Canson, Giphar, MACSF, Oxford, Région Île-de-France, to name a few. 

gyro is an agency network born during the deepest financial recession in the U.S. in 2011. It understands that fresh, humanly relevant ideas are the only way to succeed among crisis. This strategy has proven successful throughout the world earning gyro top accolades including 2014 Agency of the Year from the International Business Marketing Association.

gyro’s rapid success is rooted in its unconventional DNA. It is an organization with 600 creative minds spread across continents, acting as one. Unlike traditional agency networks, gyro brings the most appropriate talent and energy available to all clients wherever they are located. Together, gyro:ailleurs exactement offer deep creative resources, in-house media, strong digital capabilities and all of the other elements necessary for successful global campaigns.

Christoph Becker, cco+ceo of gyro says: “Our culture at gyro, our mission – to create ideas that are humanly relevant – combined with our unique ignition process is designed to help our clients shine everywhere. Together, gyro and Ailleurs Exactement will offer top global clients a creative, independent powerhouse in France. This new venture means more than mere business opportunity. It’s about bringing people together. Evelyn & Jean Pierre and their teams are an agency with spirit and strong expertise adding strategic and creative value to businesses. Their humanly relevant ideas will help gyro’s clients shine everywhere.”

Chebassier and Soum say: “We chose to join gyro because they not only believe in the future, they want to ignite it. gyro’s key assets are what we want to offer our clients: energy, innovative and audacious thinking and doing, delivery of bright and fresh contemporary solutions. Its culture, which brings people from San Francisco to Singapore together, is very powerful and exciting. We bring solid experience in nurturing clients and brands through passion and innovation to this mix. Together we are all born entrepreneurs who share a vision to deliver humanly relevant ideas.” 

Didier Stora, who will serve as president of the new entity says: “Unifying gyro:ailleurs exactement will only heighten the excellence we are bringing to our outstanding clients. Our unification provides an independent option unlike any that exists in France. gyro as a global network has achieved a lot in very little time. There is immense opportunity for that success to spread into the French market. Our singular focus on human relevance, our dedication to creative excellence and our non-stop passion for results makes gyro:ailleurs exactement truly unique.”


About gyro

As a global ideas shop, our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant. gyro is the 2014 BMA Global B2B Agency of the Year and an Advertising Age Top 50 agency. gyro also serves as Global Marketing Advisor to Fortune. Our 600 creative minds in 14 offices work with top companies including BBC,, DuPont, eBay, FedEx, HP, John Deere, SAP, Tate & Lyle, TD Ameritrade and USG.